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so accidents so close together in one day. what do we know tonight? >> i just got off the car a few minutes ago with the chp officer on hand. he told me the freight train collided with a truck. no passengers but the truck driver is moderately to seriously injured at last check. no word on the cause of the second crash that happened 17 miles northeast of the afternoon crash, the amtrak train crash. that train left this oakland amtrak station at 7:30 this morning. now it was just about an hour away from its bakersfield destination when that crash happened. a semi tractor-trailer rig plowing into the side of the tra train leaving that train in a piece of metal. it is equipped with warning lines and gates and the mechanical arms at that crossing were down and in good working order at the time of the crash. dozens of people were hurt but
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no serious injuries among the 169 passengers and four crew members on board. we spoke with a man who said he almost took that train and we talked with passengers who were on board describing it as quite the squacare. >> i thought a bomb went off. today's day in age, you just wonder. i got this force on the side of my head and my arm. and it knocked me sideways to my left and covered in dirt and insulation and you couldn't see anything. >> i feel blessed. i feel like god had a hand in it absolutely. it wouldn't do me good to be stranded any way. this is a better place to be. >> we checked the history of amtrak where both of crash's happened. according to federal railroad administration, there have been three amtrak questions in kings county since 2009. two of them in 2009 involving a truck and a truck trailer and
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one in 2010 involving a pedestrian. there have been 24 total accidents involving amtrak and commuter railroads since 2003 again in kings county with three deaths and 51 injuries. and now with this latest update from officer pierce in hanford it will be a lengthy process to remove the train. they have to try to upright that train. if not drivable, they'll have to manually remove the cars. amtrak tells me that services should be back to normal by tomorrow. >> that could have been much, much worse. thank you very much, stephanie. a very difficult school week ahead for staff and students at an baalbany middle school. a teacher accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a child was found dead.
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children must be stunned and shaken by this. >> reporter: they are. word about the teacher's death is spreading even though the albany school district says it has not officially told students here at albany middle school about the popular teacher's death. it was just last week that students and parents here learned that sixth grade teacher and coach james izumizaki was arrested, accused of a lewd act with a child under 14. many students and parents reacted with disbelief saying the popular coach was a dedicated professional. now teachers, parents and students are learning albany police say a family member found mr. izumizaki dead inside of a car this morning. his death is being investigated as a suicide. one former albany middle school student who helps mr. i. coach basketball is heartbroken because he's gone. >> i'm for sure not going to move on for a while. we're going to have to get through this. he was a really good coach.
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he will be deeply missed here. >> reporter: mr. izumizaki bailed out of jail last week and was found dead this morning. the alameda county district attorney says charges were not filed against him in the alleged lewd acts case because the albany police department was still investigating the case. it's up to the police department to decide how to proceed with that case. the albany school district released a statement tonight says it will tell the students officially that the popular teacher is dead and mental health counselors will be on campus to help them get through this week. >> thank you. new tonight at 6:00, is he competent enough to stand trial trial? that's the question. the man appeared in court to face murder and attempted murder charges in the april shooting spree. a judge today suspended the trial in order to allow psychiatrists to examine his
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mental state. there is a hearing and only then can the trial resume. he was a nursing student at the school when he allegedly opened fire on his classmates and a teacher killing seven people. vallejo's mayor is speaking out tonight after an emotional weekend. someone torched his law office on saturday. the fbi is expected to investigate the fire as a possible act of domestic terrorism. jodi hernandez joins us in vallejo this evening with details. >> reporter: good evening. the mayor has faced a lot of challenges since taking office but nothing rises to this level. you can see the damage caused when an arsonist set fire to the mayor's private law office over the weekend. today mayor davis spoke for the first time about the torching calling it malicious and cowardly. >> although i believe that the last criminal act is part of an escalating attempt to intimidate me, let me make it very, very
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clear. it has failed. >> reporter: a defiant vallejo mayor says he went let saturday morning's arson fire that destroyed his private law office steer him off course but davis believes the torching was political. >> i will say that the number of acts of vandalism which i have been subjected to over the recent past causes me to believe that this incident is related to my position as mayor. >> reporter: the mayor would not elaborate but he's had his share of critics through the years. he got off to a rocky start in 2007 when he won the election by just three votes, only to have to lead the city through bankruptcy a short time later. in 2009, the mayor's controversial remarks about gays drew national attention. and most recently he's come under fire for five officer-involved shootings. police confirm they're looking into the possibility the fire was an act of domestic
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terrorism. >> there is certainly a possibility in a the mayor, being the mayor, might have been targeted based upon his position as a public official. >> we know it was an intentional act. we've taken the evidence to a lab. >> reporter: the mayor was in tears saturday morning as he suited up in fire gear and toured the damage. but he says today is a new day and he's more determined than ever to keep going. >> acts of vandalism or criminal conduct. on the contrary. the only strength in my resolve to continue to do what is right and good as mayor of this city, i am steadfast in my commitment to continue doing what i believe is necessary to serve all of the citizens of this city. >> reporter: we are back here live. investigators again tell us that they have sent evidence taken from the scene to a lab. they hope to have results back within a week.
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police also confirm that they have located surveillance video from saturday morning when the torching took place. they also hope that will help them track down whoever is responsible. reporting live in vallejo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. let's take you to santa rosa. arson investigators are hard at work. the first fire started just before 10:00 last night at st. rose church on 10th street. minutes later fire crews were called to church of incarnation and then a third call came in about a fire at an engineering company on third street called carlie macy engineering. all fires were quickly put out and damage is minimal. investigators believe the fires are connected. right now there's no evidence the fires are hate crimes but at this point nothing is being ruled out. so far obviously no arrests have been made. it is october first and
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blazing hot outside. a fall heat wave continues to grip the bay area. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. super hot today. >> feeling more like july here across a lot of the bay area. good enough for a record in santa rosa. 103 in gilroy. walnut creek, 102. san francisco, 92 degrees. sweltering for city standards. upper 80s in the south bay. let's take you to that live hd sky camera network right now. a bit hazy. the winds are trying to turn more onshore. we do think as we come back to our weather graphics will give us cooling throughout this week. it will stay hot for tuesday with increased fire danger and a few 100s expected. we'll talk about the cool wind when it arrives and what it's going to mean for temperatures.
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big-time changes in that seven-day forecast. >> we'll see you shortly. family and friends of two fishermen missing at sea for more than 24 hours are not giving up hope their loved ones will be found alive. the coast guard spent most of the day searching for the two men whose boat capsized yesterday morning near the san mateo coast. four friends left san francisco in an 18-foot boat and headed out to half moon bay. a big wave crashed into the boat sending all four overboard. two of the men had life jackets and swam to shore to find help. the other two were not wearing life jackets and are still missing. however, regular jackets that they were wearing were found neatly placed on some nearby rocks. >> a regular jacket that he wears every time he goes out fishing. i know it's his. it's neatly placed there. okay. it's not like it was washed up. you know, that's why we're still out here doing what we can. >> they are hopeful they'll find them. the coast guard spent the day searching for the men by boat and helicopter.
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still ahead at 6:00, how a halloween costume led to a bomb scare in the bay area today. he serves on multiple volunteer boards but how taxpayers are paying for it. >> the reaction to the govern governor's signing of a controversial bill. and welcome news for caltrain riders. stay with us. [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
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opening statements in the trial of a woman accused of killing 26-year-old nursing student michelle lei. prosecutors began by showing a photograph of her smiling and then later a surveillance photo of her heading into the parking lot where she was last seen in may of last year.
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lei's body was found four months later between sunol and pleasanton. prosecutors say that esteban killed her. marc klaas helped with the search for lei's body and was in court today. >> they need to be here every day just as a reminder to the jury that this is really about their cousin, daughter, sister, and not so much about justifying the horrible deeds of the defendant. >> esteban's attorney declined to comment on the case. the trial is expecteded to last one month. elected officials paid to make public appearances. we're talking about director of the water valley district. the investigative unit told you
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about suspicious questions and exposes one of them picking up a check for what is supposed to be volunteer work. >> every time the directors go to a meeting related to the district, they get paid. 286 bucks plus mileage. director richard santos also happens to serve on a number of other boards as a volunteer. but he's figured out a way to get paid by taxpayers. public records shows santos attends numerous meetings for all of those boards he serves on and the water district is often paying for him to go. why do you charge the water district to attend events and meetings that are related to and paid for by the police retirement board. >> according to these documents he is. we're talking about two panels that members of the san jose police and fire retirement board attended to discuss the city's pension issues. the board paid santos' registration and the water
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district paid him that daily meeting fee. >> to be going for one person and billing for another is wrong. >> san jose city councilman also serves on the retirement board. >> that's why it's important to figure out what hat you're wearing and work in that role. >> you're also a member of the advisory council, is that correct? >> yes. >> why do you charge to attend those meetings as well? >> that's part of our per diem. >> water issues weren't on any agendas this year. santos did contribute something. snacks. at one meeting your only involvement was bringing snacks. >> if it's related to the water district. >> that is related. >> iseams like he's taking advantage of taxpayers. >> i don't think so. >> and that was the water district ceo. coming up tonight at 11:00 and also tomorrow at 6:00, hear how he responds to charges that appear to be against policy including a conference director
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santos attended. back to you. >> very interesting. thank you. now if you have a tip for our investigative unit call us at 888-996 tips or send us an e-mail to plastic bags are banned from all retailers in san francisco and not just grocery stores and pharmacies. it's an expansion of 2007 law. businesses will charge customers ten cents for any bag they hand out. restaurants are exempt for the next year. caltrain added six trains to its regular weekday schedule today. in june caltrain reported an all-time high of 50,000 weekday passengers. four of the new trains are running during the morning and afternoon commutes and other two are running during offpeak hours. another change is that 12 limited service trains added stops stops. man from lodi is behind bars
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accused of robbing two banks. investigators arrested 28-year-old at a san jose motel last week. they say at the robbed two u.s. banks at gun point. the first san jose on august 28th. second in sunnyvale on september 25th. they found evidence linking him to the crimes in his hotel room. halloween came early today. police stopped a driver on fourth street when they noticed he was wearing a gas mask. they also found he had a realistic looking grenade. they cleared the surrounding half block area and called out the bomb squad. they found out the driver was employed at a local costume store. he was cited for being in possession of an inert grenade. you are asked to choose halloween costumes carefully this year. be careful where you go and when you put it on. >> we saw the ice cream shops
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and frozen yogurt places doing record numbers of business. >> a line out the door. i had iced coffee myself today. you know you just down right know it's going to be a hot day here when we're forecasting at the coastline temperatures in the 90s. santa cruz hitting the century mark today. i had to look twice at that number. the official high came in. hot one at the coastline. 94 in san jose. 100 in livermore. 101 in santa rosa. hayward shattered records. old record was 82 in 2009. ten degrees higher than the old number back in the record books. let's get you into our air quality. it's going to suffer as we head throughout the next 48 hours. what you'll notice is it will go from unhealthy to a moderate level here for the south bay and also the east bay. it's a sign of some gradual cooling trying to get in here. what we're going to note is for
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tuesday it will be too hot in the east and also for the south bay to get any kind of these numbers going down. we'll look at range here 95 to 101 degrees. definitely remember to drink plenty of water. take frequent breaks and remember the pets and bring them indoors. most of the warmth is still across the east bay but we're also finding plenty of unusual heat in san francisco. let's take you outside to that live hd sky camera network. this is phenomenal. no fog at all as sun sets. take advantage of this tonight. go have some dinner outside. it's going to be pretty great. let's get you back to the weather board as we head throughout the next 48 hours. high pressure will weaken and shift to the north. so eventually it's going to gef us cool wi give us cool wind in the forecast. we're going to go with mid to upper 90s by afternoon. mid 80s by the bay and plenty of upper 70s at the coastline. here's the thing. in that three-day forecast by thursday, we're going to go from
6:21 pm
lower 100s tomorrow all of the way to mid 80s with that increasing cloud cover. 70s by the bay by thursday and also 60s at the coastline. one more good day of this hot weather and then temperatures are going to gradually go down. we even have a chance of showers still lingering in that seven-day forecast and we'll detail that for you later in the show. >> triple digits. amazing. thank you, jeff. a good week to be here in the bay area. oracle world, fleet week, america's cup, everyone wants to hang out even these guys. a pair of frolicking humpback whales. our nbc chopper spotted the pair today hanging out near the surface and spouting off. the whales swam around for a half hour. got a good look at the san francisco skyline and headed back out to sea to continue their migration past the golden gate bridge. an unusual and slow moving
6:22 pm
sight. a simple step that could have serious health benefits. >> i'm scott budman. take two for a tech giant and the new tablet computer and second act for a famous squatter who now has a company of his own. that's next. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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a lot going on in the tech world including another shot in the tablet wars. this one from another company that's been there before. >> let's bring in scott budman. >> a first look at a second recent go-around for hewlett packard in the tablet space. the hp elite pad. a powerful 10-inch screen, 1.5 pound tablet aimed at the business owner that wants to go mobile. hp trying to make people forget the touch pad which was discontinued after its release. hp using windows 8 inside the new model. the company hopes regular
6:25 pm
consumers like it as well. >> they can tuck it into a purse and take it with them after they worked a long day and on a plane going home and they can tuck it into one of our smart jackets and watch a movie. that's the idea is that it really becomes the product that flexes for both the work environment and also works for the people who are working. employees. >> several smart jackets will be sold separately. hp not saying how much the new tablet will cost. the release date isn't until january. the latest in a series of big tech conferences opening in san francisco today. this is oracle open world. not just a celebration of relational data base software, this is a place where deals get made. a deal where oracle will use mapping technology. american express will refund money to customers after accusations made that they broke federal laws in the way it billed, collected money and
6:26 pm
marketed its product. a number of consumer agencies claim they offered card users rewards that it never delivered. eric simons launched his company. he became famous last year when he lived side the offices of aol without the company knowing it. no hard feelings. the idea he was working on while squatting at aol is now a company. it aims to bring teachers together through the power of social networking. and speaking of new things, it's a baby boy for yahoo! ceo and her husband announcing this morning on twitter. famously announced she'll take a short maternity leave. no name announced yet. the happy couple reportedly looking for suggestions. i know you have experience at that. >> all right. thank you. still ahead, governor brown signs a controversial bill that involves undocumented immigrants
6:27 pm
and driver's licenses. >> in tonight's reality check, will the governor's pension reform bring change or a numbers game that could cost takes pairs. >> u.s. forces in afghanistan did not see it coming. a deadly attack by the taliban. and president obama gets an endorsement he doesn't want. the latest news around the world tonight coming up. this is a lot of food for 4 bucks.
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yeah... think they made a mistake? i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night. governor brown just under the deadline when he signed a bill allowing young undocumented residents to qualify for california driver's licenses. they have to be accepted by a federal work permit program. that could impact an estimated 400,000 people under the age of 30. it will take effect january 1st. those familiar with the program don't expect a rush to the department of motor vehicles though. >> i think it's going to take a few months for individuals.
6:30 pm
once they receive their deferred action, they'll go forward to dmv offices and applying for their driver's license. >> the bill's author says the new law will make the highways safer for all of californians. other states are taking notice of california's new law against so-called conversion therapy intendeded to make gay teenagers straight. governor brown signed the bill on saturday calling the practice quackery. now gay rights activists in other parts of the country are pushing for similar laws. activists are busy with christian legal groups vowing to sue. they want to block the new law taking effect on january 1st. they say it infringes on a therapist's first amendment right to free speech. organizers setting the stage for the debate which could have a tv audience of 60 million. only about 1,000 people will be in the live audience. mostly dignitaries and some
6:31 pm
students who will win their tickets via lottery. with so much dependent on the outcome, the president is playing the underdog card. >> governor romney is a good debator. i'm just okay. >> he plays them well too. >> romney has been practicing with ohio senator rob portman standing in as the president. president obama has chosen john kerry to spar with. >> today president obama got an endorsement from an unlikely world leader. >> president obama did not ask for this endorsement is not going to comment on it. it's coming from venezuela president hugo chavez. the socialist leader known for anti-american rhetoric says he hopes mr. obama wins the presidential election. he called mr. obama "a good guy." his comments could be a sign that he's looking for a better diplomatic relations with the u.s., the top buyer of venezuela's oil.
6:32 pm
in eastern afghanistan, the taliban launched a deadly attack on u.s. forces. a suicide bomber rammed a motorcycle packed with explosives into a joint u.s./afghan patrol killing 14 people including three americans. today's attack comes after a deadly weekend on american forces pushing the u.s. military death toll to over 2,000 since the start of the 11-year war. in recent months, many killings have been insider attacks. that prompted the u.s. military to suspend joint operations between u.s. and afghan forces but today most of those operations have resumed. 31 americans have died this year from afghan forces killing u.s. forces. syria's foreign minister made strong accusations today saying the turmoil was the fault of the u.s. and its allies. he made that statement in front of the u.n. general assembly. he said the u.s. supports terrorism because it's backing the syrian rebels.
6:33 pm
u.s. secretary-general disagreed saying it was the syrian government causing most of the atrocities. it's estimated that 20,000 syrians have been killed since the uprising began 18 months ago. the death toll in hong kong continues to rise today after a ferry collided with a tug boat. 25 people have been confirmed dead. the collision caused the ferry to sink sending over 120 passengers into the water. all but one has been pulled from the water. passengers were on the ferry to catch a nighttime fireworks show. october 1st is a big national holiday in china and the hong kong channel was crowded with boats. a strange tourist attraction has popped up in spain. a weekend storm caused two cargo ships to run aground on a beach. it doesn't look like they're going anywhere any time soon. the two captains say they'll pay the cost of towing the ships back to port but obviously a monstrous task. you may remember it takes a
6:34 pm
while. >> joe rosato, jr., shows what it is and where it's headed. >> reporter: the quiet peace of marin's beach. as far away as you can get from the rumblings of war. early this morning was a symbol of the area's military past. >> it was rescued from the scrap. >> reporter: a massive 16-inch battleship gun inched along bunker road. its destination, the hill top fortre. >> it can fire 26 miles out to
6:35 pm
sea, which ith a high degree of accuracy. >> reporter: the twin guns were sent to the scrap mile six decades ago. the national park service wanted a replacement as it restores the historic site. >> having a gun battery without its weapon is like railroad museum without a locomotive. this is a heart and soul of what it was about. the defense of san francisco bay. >> the gun lumbering along the pacific ocean has its own history. it was mounted on the battleship missouri. >> the most historic moment of this gun's history. >> it was hauled by cranes which was the same company that hauled the battery's original gun. >> last time we handled one when we pulled one of the original ones out of here was back in 1939. >> crews will carry the gun up a winding service road to its perch overlooking the ocean where it will become the area's symbol of a military legacy that never fired a shot in anger.
6:36 pm
joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. >> very interesting. >> still ahead at 6:00, a potential change for people wal. >> i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. it was a scorcher for the first of october. right now a rare 83 degrees in san francisco and also low 90s holding strong in napa. we have another hot day coming our way for tuesday with more mid to upper 90s inland. we'll talk about some drastic changes, even a chance of showers in the seven day. have you heard of the new dialing procedure
6:37 pm
for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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people with milk allergies might be able to eat dairy products after all. scientists have changed the genes of a dairy cow to change the component that causes allergies. doctors here in the united states are encouraged but they say the more testing is needed to evaluate the milk. there's also an issue of whether consumers will buy a genetically altered product. calves born with the manipulated genes have no tails. reading doctor's notes could be good medicine. patients that read their medical files felt empowered in their own health care. patients gained a better understanding of the medical issues they faced. nearly 14,000 people took part in the study. it is expected to be released
6:40 pm
tomorrow. this is one of the few days of the year i wish i had air conditioning in my house. >> i have ac in mine but it's broke. >> we're in the same boat. >> everyone is staying at my house then? >> many of us know it as you stepped outside today. san mateo bridge, a lot of sun as it sets tonight. we'll let you know about a hot tuesday and dramatic changes in the seven day. >> something many fans in baseball experts thought couldn't happen in spring training. tonight the a's could clinch their first trip to the postseason since 2006. we'll have a preview from the coliseum coming up next in sports.
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6:42 pm
>> we're not at halloween but we're talking christmas and the holidays. let the hiring begin. macy's is hiring in a huge way. 80,000 seasonal workers at macy's and bloomingdale's. kohl's, toys "r" us and walmart are among other companies also hiring for the holidays. i'm sure you do your holiday shopping early so you probably are done now. >> not yet.
6:43 pm
i wanted to hire someone today to follow me around and fan me. it was hot. >> i was free from noon to 1:00 p.m. help keep you cool, jessica. extreme heat in the east bay. as many of you know, sometimes you don't need these temperatures to let you know. we like to show you exactly what happened this afternoon. 103 in gilroy. livermore, 100. here is the outlier. hot weather back in the east bay when we get the pattern building in like it is. san francisco getting up to 90 degrees. that's extremely rare and was close to record setting. however, it was a new record for us. liver more got close with 100-degree temperature. old record 102 set back in 1952. also rivalled one of our hottest summer days with 105 set back on august 11th. nonetheless, it was very warm to hot all across the bay area. right now numbers going down five to ten degrees from that peak heating this afternoon.
6:44 pm
we're starting to see some signs of some cooling. that's the great thing about the bay area. even when we do have a hot event, we should have decent overnight recoveries. right now if you're in san francisco, anywhere along the coastline, you have to take advantage for tonight. thinking about maybe going outside for dinner, it's just one of those nights. let's get you outside to that live hd sky camera network. san francisco, dine outside tonight. let's hope the restaurants have tables and chairs set up so you can just enjoy this kind of evening. no fog expected to roll in as we head throughout the next 6 to 12 hours. down to san jose, sun setting here. we have a beautiful array of colors as we do have some poor air quality. bad with you for allergies, it creates a great view for us. let's get you to the weather boards. october heat will stay throughout tuesday. temperatures ranging from 95 to 100 degrees. we want to hit this hard. with one more day of this hot weather especially for elderly and also the young, you want to make sure you drink plenty of water.
6:45 pm
take frequent breaks if you're outside and also remember those pets. of course fido needs that water too. high pressure produced all of this heat. it will weaken and shift to the north. here's the game changer for us to get us some cooler weather. area of upper low pressure will develop offshore and push in cooler winds for the coastline. by midweek forecast that's when things will get going good for us here. fog back at the coastline and temperatures could drop an estimated 15 to even 30 degrees for some locations. for tuesday it will stay hot. as we head throughout wednesday, that's when we'll get some cooler winds coming on back to help drop our temperatures. as we mentioned before when we get a hot day, look at the recovery of the overnight temperatures. down to 53 in santa rosa. 30 to 40-degree drop for tomorrow morning. may need the light jacket. by the afternoon shorts are okay down in the south bay. get away with it at work, the
6:46 pm
best idea. 98 in morgan hill. 95 in san jose. 93 in palo alto. upper 90s to low 100s in the east bay. upper 80s to near 90 back by the bay. san francisco looks like we'll do it again for tomorrow with low 80s. 85 in oakland. 87 in berkeley. near record setting heat also santa rosa with 98. dramatic changes by thursday. mid 80s inland. fog pattern starting to develop. by this weekend, 70s coming back with fall weather. even by next monday we are looking at a chance here of maybe some showers. it's been lingering in the forecast getting pushed back day by day. nonetheless, it's a sign of some changes coming our way on that seven-day forecast. hot, hot, hot for tomorrow inland and then we get changes coming in. >> jessica wants to know if you're available to fan for
6:47 pm
tomorrow. >> what are you doing at 1:00? >> a little bit of a diva. >> you or me? >> we have our moments. >> thank you. in many ways this is larry ellison week. annual oracle convention is in full swing and on the water, it's the yacht race. the america's cup is truly global. >> there's no questioning the global appeal of america's cup racing and when you examine the international cross pollination of crew members, you'll start to notice a variety of unique stories like brits at the helm of the italian team and american leading the swedes effort. the 2003 america's cup the nationality rule was changed which held that crew members must be nationals of the teams they represent. chris draper, a british born skipper for the italian team
6:48 pm
explains that the international mix on any given race crew is really no different than what you'll find on a major league baseball roster or a professional soccer club. >> a lot of sports in america are mainly played in america and not competitive in the rest of the world. sailing is like premiere league soccer where you have a lot of people coming from different nations and it's about bringing a team together that works as well as possible. >> a san francisco native has sailed in multiple america's cup competition and now brings his experience to the swedish team and then there's the sailor who is the helmsman for team china. >> only one team coming out of the country and a very good team and it's pretty much the same guys doing the same thing. it's hard to get in there and to
6:49 pm
be on the chinese boat is a great opportunity to showcase our skills and to try to mix it with those guys. >> with competitors having team diversity with expertise at all levels is how the sport is run. >> it's the only way you can be now. precedence has been set. if you don't match it, you'll get beaten. >> with th from america's cup, let's bring in now dave. there's a champagne party possibly tonight. >> i haven't been invited. >> it hasn't happened yet. >> were you invited? >> i wasn't even invited. the a's could be hours away from popping the cork. it could happen. with a win tonight, they'll
6:50 pm
clinch a spot in the postseason and join the giants. >> reporter: the a's entered the biggest series of the season, the game plan remains the same. keep it simple. bob melvin wants his players to play loose like they've been doing all season long. that's led to their success and it shouldn't be too much of a challenge for the players who set the goal way back at spring training to go out and win their division. >> i think like anything we've done here recently, we're not looking at a sweep. we're looking at just winning today and we'll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow. there's more variables involved in that right now. ultimately at the beginning of the season your goal is always to tray to win the division. any team who doesn't have an asterisk next to their game, that's what they're looking to do. we also know that today if we do win we get into the playoffs. that's first and foremost. >> our goal is to win the division. many people think we could. being an expert in this game, you don't have accountability. we do inside this clubhouse.
6:51 pm
that is our goal. i don't know why you would ever leave spring training not trying to win the division. >> if we didn't believe it, we wouldn't be here. the situation right now is reality. we're going to run with it as far as we can take it. >> bob melvin was clear in saying he doesn't want to get ahead of himself because a's have big games ahead of them. if all goes well and a's find themselves in the playoffs, it looks like good news as far as brett anderson is concerned. he threw a bull pen today and all went well. he could appear for the athletics should they make the playoffs. >> thanks. let's go to football. 49ers are back home after sunday's 34-0 pacing of the jets in new jersey. a week after a loss to the vikings, san francisco's ground game came alive with 247 rushing yards. jim harbaugh praised the men who
6:52 pm
opened the holes for frank gore and company. >> they earned their pay. put in a solid good day's work. it speaks volumes for that unit that we have and where they're coming and where they're going. >> the raiders will have the next two weeks to try and right the ship after sunday's disastrous 37-6 loss in the mile-high city. the silver and black have a bye before heading to atlanta. raiders gave up 27 unanswered points to the broncos in the second half. head coach dennis allen tried to stay positive. >> nobody set out this season to be 1-3 at this point. there is disappointment. our guys, like i said before, we showed that we could battle against pittsburgh and we're going to continue to battle here. >> the giants announcing tonight
6:53 pm
that matt kaine will start game one. full highlights of dodgers and playoff clinch for the a's tonight at 11:00. back to you. i'm told even though raj is now a news guy, he's still invited. >> you get invited to everything. >> since you know all these things and don't anymore, what's the deal possibly with the a's? we know giants will open up at at&t park this weekend. if the a's make it, what are some scenarios? >> there's a bunch of different ones. we were told by the a's and i'll honor it, they don't even want us to discuss it. we can't even jinx it. they have to win tonight before we can even say it. once they do, we'll explain the scenario. >> more intrigue. >> you know how superstitious they are. you can't talk about it. you have to deal with what's in front of you. >> sounds like a head coach now. all right. thanks for nothing. i appreciate it.
6:54 pm
>> exactly. all right. i did all i could, raj. thanks. >> thank you, dave. for a full half hour of local sports coverage, watch tonight at 10:30. dave will have plenty of answers on those shows. >> i thought you would ruin the a's mojo with all your questions. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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one more day of extreme heat. we want to bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we talked about heat and fire danger across the region. >> winds primarily coming out of the north from about 5 to 10 miles per hour. that was good enough to give us record setting temperatures. good news with the wind, it's not overly gusty. that's why we don't have a red flag fire warning in effect. nonetheless, it's very mild and quite dry out here at the current moment. 88 in san jose. 98 in livermore. having a hard time getting temperatures to drop off and also 91 in napa. here's the trend as we head throughout the next 48 hours. all of that heat is going to gradually lift north giving us cool wind ahead in the forecast. we need to get through low 100s expected for tuesday. here's how it will look. temperatures in the upper 50s
6:58 pm
and low 60s. by afternoon more upper 90s to 100 expected for the interior valleys and in the three-day forecast, dramatic changes by thursday. mid 80s. the fog pattern coming back and by this weekend a 30-degree temperature change expected by saturday and sunday. maybe even a few showers as we head into early next week. a wild way to start off october. that's for sure. >> that's an extreme change. thank you, jeff. coming up at 11:00, south bay holiday traditions may come to an end. find out why you can't get thanksgiving turkeys from a market anymore. that's tonight. >> have a great evening ahead. see you back here at 11:00.
6:59 pm
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